HSRA Ladder Q2-2017 (Ends on 06/30/17)



Remember new actions for this season – First match before April 29th:

  • Please take a look to the updated rules (Rules April 2017). No more 3 emails before calling default
  • Find your Player Number for this season in the UPDATED pdf. attached. (Schedule)
  • Finally, for this season, follow when possible these instructions:
  1. Find your Player Number that applies for the current season (You will receive this info).
  2. Identify who you should play with before each “Suggested Date” (Each opponent has a Player Number).
  3. Schedule and play each match. Each box won’t have more than 8 players.
  4. If you miss any date/match, reschedule and play it before the last two weeks of the season.


For the season starting on April 17th -ending on June 30thPlayer 4 should play with:

  • ·         …player 3 before Apr 29th
  • ·         …player 1 before May 7th
  • ·         …player 7 before May 15th
  • ·         …

Player numbers will be assigned at the beginning of each season. If your box does not have Players No. 7 or 8, you could take it easy those days.



Juan Caro

HSRA Ladder Commissioner|
Houston Squash Racquets Association