To Play or Not to Play?

As clubs in Houston begin to open up the dilemma of whether to play or not, and who with, is a genuine one.  Clubs & gyms are free to set their own rules on this, within state, county and city regulations, and ultimately the decision is an individual one.

As we noted a couple of weeks ago,  US Squash have nonetheless published a resource for those facing this dilemma, which you can find at US Squash Covid-19 Response.

For the early phases of re-opening, while the virus is still spreading in the wider community,  US Squash guidance remains that squash is restricted to solo play or immediate family members, due to the nature of the game being played in a confined space.  In line with that guidance we do recommend that you take the into account the risk that in playing with others you may be increasing the spread of the virus.  We particularly recommend that parents of Juniors seeking to play take particular care with those decisions.

Again, to play or not, at a facility that allows it, is ultimately an individual decision but we hope to have provided you with links to the information that can help you take that decision.

Best of luck,