Accessing the Ladder in Club Locker

Access to the US Squash Club Locker system can be a bit confusing – this page is designed to help out.

When accessing Club Locker you will likely end up with one of two different views of your account. On the left hand side in the picture below is the Club Locker Scores/Reservations page which you get by default when you enter just  On the right hand side is the full Club Locker US Squash profile page which you get when you click My Account in US Squash or enter

How you enter the box, and contact other box members, is different depending which route you take.

Via the Scores/Reservations Page

The box is accessible via the landing page you get from  in this view, access the box by clicking Enter Score (1) and  then Box League (2):

You should then see a box allowing you to select the current box (3):

Once the box is shown you can enter scores or contact other box members.  To email just one player, click the envelope beside their name (4), to email the full box click Email Box (5).

Note that this is the only place you can email the whole box at once – US Squash are working to fix this so you can do it via the full profile access page as well but for the moment you can only access it via this Enter Score route.

Via Your US Squash Profile Page

The box is also accessible from your full profile page which is accessed from My Account at or the URL From this profile page click Boxes in the scrollable menu bar at the top of the white box (1):

Select the current box from the competitions shown (2):

The ladder is then shown and you can select either enter scores or email players by clicking on the blue envelope under each name (3):

You cannot email the whole box from this screen – to do that use the alternate access route.

Still having problems?

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