HSRA Spring Ladder Status – Only 4 Games Played in 6 Boxes


There are 6 weeks to go in the Spring Ladder but I note that only 4 games have been played across all 6 boxes. While I know that games are often back loaded, this is not looking great – let’s try and up the participation rate or the ladder is going to die on it’s feet.

A reminder that ladder access is now via ClubLocker at clublocker.com – if anyone has any problems finding their ladder information please contact me and I will assist.  Alternatively US Squash’s quick explanation of the mobile web site can be access here: CL box league

A reminder also on communication of arranging matches – the rules of the ladder state that a player may call a 3-0 default if they have twice not received a response to a direct email request to arrange a game, subject of course to additional criteria (see full extract below).   I will actively start enforcing this rule in coming weeks so please take note.

Also note that playing no games at all in your box can lead to exclusion from the next ladder, especially if I have not received any direct contact requesting otherwise e.g. about injuries etc.  If you are injured please do tell me and the other players in your box.