The Cincinnati Kid (s)

Hi All,

It gives me immense pleasure to share some news about Daksha and Tanmai Pathak’s performance in the recently concluded Cincinnati West Gold Tournament.

Daksha played in the GU19 category that was formatted as a round robin. Tanmai was playing in the GU15 category. They went prepared to give their best in the tournament, thus ended up winning the 1st place by Tanmai, and 2nd place by Daksha.

Tanmai, who played in the GU15 category, played to her strengths. She kept her head in the game and cut the ball as much as she could’ve. She won all of her games 3-0.
Daksha played in the GU19 category. Daksha’s main strategy was to keep opponent in the back and to then attack whenever she had a chance. Her opponents gave her a fair fight and Daksha gave her best as well.
I am sure both Dakha and Tanmi will continue to achieve greater heights with our support. We are very proud of both of them. and they will be role model for many many more kids coming from Houston.
As a coach, it is extremely satisfying and rewarding to see your students do well in Squash and in their lives. I am very hopeful that many more kids will do well and make the Houston Squash community proud. I also wanted to thanks parents that put their trust in me and who work with me as a team to develop kids into good Squash players.

Thanks & Regards,