Top 32 tournament….it’s nearly here…

We have seen a great response from everyone to make Top 32 tournament a fun and competitive event. It is starting on February 15.

If you have received an invite and have not yet signed up, then please do so quickly as the tournament will be limited to 32 players.

You will be participating in a draw that also gives you a chance to see where you stand in the rankings in the Houston District. We hope you want to support not only the local squash boosters but also the national squash organization that does so much for the game.

There is a guaranteed 5 matches, libations at the bar, a memento that only 32 players in the country will have (quality shirt), a Friday night buffet, and camaraderie that only comes from know that you and your opponent left everything you had out there on the court.

We can work around everyone’s busy work/life schedule.

Remember that you will need to be a current member of US Squash / HSRA to play in the event.

Contact John Leavy if you have any questions
(713) 818-2987