Kelshala – A letter from the HSRA President

For those of you who haven’t got any mail from me regarding one of my passions. Here it is !

Khelshala was started in 2009 by a very good friend who has devoted his life to an impassioned concern for children in the village where he was born.

Spending many years in the west, between London (where he grew up) to the USA. Teaching, coaching,and planning a return to make his dream happen so that these kids can have an opportunity to succeed
if given an opportunity.

Satinder Bajwa needs a little help to make sure Khelshala succeeds and helps families see their children enjoy a better life.

Watch the video and click on the links below to see how you can help.

Thank you very much,
John F Leavy

Kelshala – Presentation

Kelshala – Video

Kelshala – Website

Kelshala – Donate