HSRA Fall Box League is Live!

After much to-ing and fro-ing with US Squash to get the admin rights for the new Club Locker system set up, I have finally cracked it.

The Fall box league will run from 23 September to 19 December.  Given the low number of games played in the Spring league I have made very few changes to that ladder.

In an effort to give you more information to work with I will periodically publish a scorecard with progress on playing games in each box .  This is what it looks like for the end of the Spring league – well done to Boxes 4 & 5 for at least making an effort:

Please be aware that, if you are anything like me and just log into ClubLocker with the clublocker.com URL, you may get a very narrow view of your membership – just the ladder and game appointments.

It’s best to log in with the following URL (bookmark it!) and you’ll get something that looks like a modern version of your old US Squash ID:


Best regards,

Stuart (with HSRA Ladder Commissioner hat on)