Met Members interested in a running Challenge Ladder?

Fellow Met Members,

Since Hamza has been good enough to secure us a squash notice board at the club, one option to use it is to to set up a running challenge ladder that would operate in parallel to the (city-wide) HSRA box competition.  If you would be interested in joining such a ladder send me an email at and I’ll add you to a start-up list and when we have a critical mass, I can get it going.

Rules would be fairly standard for such challenge ladders, something like:

  • Any player may challenge any player up to X (3? 5?) places above them for a ladder match
  • Matches should be played within 2 weeks of the challenge (unless travel/injury prevent playing).
  • Best-of-5 games to either 11 or 15 points as agreed by the players with results to be recorded in ClubLocker as soon as possible after a match.
  • When a higher-ranked player A beats a lower-ranked player B, standings remain unchanged.
  • A player that has been inactive during a whole month will be dropped by one rank on the first day of the following month.

Suggestions/comments welcome!