Professional & Amateur Tournament @ Lifetime 7-11 August

From Jahanzeb at Lifetime Squash

I would like to inform you all about the upcoming NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE TIME HOUSTON OPEN 2019. It’s our 6th International event. Players are coming from 13 different countries. The Top 4 seeds of this year’s event are:1) Ryan Cuskelly  (Aus), World no. 202) Arturo Salazar (Mex), World no. 413) Campbell Grayson (Nzl), World no. 434) Alan Clyne (Scot), World no. 47
The Event starts on August 7th with the following schedule found below:
August 7th 1st Round:3pm , 3:45pm , 4:30pm and 5:15pm. We will use court 2 and 3.
August 8th 2nd Round:5:15pm , 6pm , 6:45pm , 7:30pm. We will use court 2 and 3.
August 9th Quarter Finals:5:15pm , 6pm , 6:45pm and 7:30pm. We will be using court 2.
August 10th Semi Finals:3pm and 4pm. We will be using court 2.
August 11th Finals:2:30pm and we will be using court 2.

AMATEURS HOUSTON OPEN 2019:Alongside the pro event we are also hosting a skill level Amateur Houston Open on August 9th to 11th. Enter your name and be a part of this memorable event. We will have all categories from Men, Women and Juniors 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0. Entry fee for this event is $130 and it includes Prince Racquet(Value $180), Tournament Dri-Fit Tshirt, Tournament Pic with Professional Photographer, Socks, Food, and Free viewing of all pro matches).I am very thankful from the bottom of my heart to all the 2019 Houston Open Sponsors. 
This year the Title sponsor for the Houston Open is NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT COMPANY. Special thanks to Mr. Fuad Cochinwala for introducing me to Mr. Omar Saeed, who’s also an avid squash player back in his college time. 🙂
Special thanks to NHS Specialists(Dr. Tahir Hafeez), Neuralog(Mr. Duncan Griffiths), Curve Hospitality(Mr. Bunny Sidhu), Sterling McCall Toyota(Mr. Shahid Usmani) and Novum Energy(Mr. Alfredo Vilas) for your continued support of the Houston Open. 
I would like to also mention my sincerest thanks to One Step Diagnostic(Fuad Cochinwala) and Alpha Bravo Construction(Syed Sher Shah) who made this incredible event happen in 2012.  Their commitment to the sport of squash is unparalleled and has made it possible for me to continue to bring the Houston Open every year. Raising money or getting sponsors for anything, especially for squash is not easy, but these 2 pillars of the Houston business community have made it possible for me.
Many thanks to Cognitive Psychiatry(Dr. Sadaf Javaid), Deep Cast(Mr. Hector Klie), Local Group Brewing(Mr. Michael Steeves), Worldtechit(Mr. Austin Geraci), OAG Analytics(Mr. Luther Birdzell), Houston Squash Racquet Association(Mr. John Difilippo and Mr. Stuart McGeoch), Magnus Sports(Mr. Ashraf Kalim), Nirvana(Mr. Salim), Legend Healthcare(Dr. Salim Gopalani) and Helping Hands(Mr. Ilyas Chaudhary).
Thank you again to all the patrons ( Mr. Nasrullah Khan, Dr. Asif Cochinwala, Dr. Tariq Zia, Mr. Riaz Siddiqi, Dr. Asad Khan, Dr. Tara Rizvi, Mr. Chris Ersig, Mr. James S Marlen, Mr. Ravi Madray, Mr. Wade Clark, Mr. Asaad Siddiqi, Mr. Mustafa Abbas and Ms. Maryum Khan ) of this event who are standing by my side to help me grow this sport in Houston.  
Once again thank you is not sufficient enough to say to everyone who has supported me through the years for this wonderful event.  By myself I can do little, but together we can do anything and everything in this world and we have proven this time and time again.


Jahanzeb Kahn