HSRA Ladder Q2 2019

The next HSRA ladder has been published and is available on line at you US Squash profile page and at Clublocker. This ladder will run through 31 July.

Participation was pretty patchy in the last two sessions which is making it increasingly difficult to apply the box rules and at the same time keep the boxes even in terms of level and with a fair mix of adult and junior players but I have done my best. For this session I have shortened the season to 10 weeks and cut most boxes to 5 players in the hope this increases participation.

Please make an effort to play your games and please also make sure you respond to emails from other players. If anyone finds they have sent two one-to-one emails to another player, separated by at least 2 weeks, and you have still not had a reply or other acknowledgement, please let me know. Equally if you are injured or otherwise unable to complete the box please inform me and I will inform the other players in your box.

Note that if you have not played any games at all in both of the last two seasons, and I have not heard from you in response to the emails and web notices sent a couple of weeks ago, I have assumed you do not want to participate in the ladder and have not included you.

I will shortly email all players in the ladder a link to a list of contact emails for all other players – please save that email so you can refer to it during the season. Please also check the email I have included in that list is the correct one.

Finally, if you find that you are unable to enter scores in Clublocker, please contact Bill Buckingham at US Squash at bill.buckingham@ussquash.com and he will likely be able to assist.