Juan Caro Retires as HSRA Ladder Commissioner

Fellow Houston Squashers,

After several years of sterling service, administration of the city-wide ladder Juan Caro will pass the buck to me at the end of the current session which finishes on 21 July.

I’d like to sent a huge vote of thanks of behalf of us all to Juan for all the fantastic work done in managing the ladder and for the innovations and improvement he brought to the system. The ladder would not have run without him!

Going forward, the ladder email address (hsra.ladder@gmail.com) will remain the same – please use this to send updates on participation, injuries etc.

If you’re in the ladder already you will be getting an email in the next few days to confirm participation in the next session.

If you’re not in the ladder and want to join,  please send me an email at the address above with your name, email address, and preferably phone number too, along with your approximate grade level, especially if that is not recorded in your US Squash profile,  Note that all ladder players require an active US Squash subscription.

Best regards,