Houston: Squashing for a Purpose 2018 Squash Tournament – Date Change

Respected Houston Squash players,

There have been some changes and updates to our plans for “Houston: Squashing for a purpose 2018 squash tournament”. Due to the large majority of you being out of town for 4th of July weekend, We have decided to postpone the tournament till July 27-29 (Entry deadline: July 23). We postpone the  charity tournament in an attempt to have more players in the tournament and make it a Houston-wide event!

Another change is that instead of the original format, we have decided to change the format. In light of the worldwide phenomenon known as the FIFA world Cup, we have decided to carry our tournament in the same manner. Our “World Cup” format will comprise of small groups where entrants will play group stage matches and the best performing players will advance to the knockout stages.

We have changed the format to make this tournament a more intriguing one for players around houston and hopefully draw more players (from all levels) to the Downtown Club at the Met on July 27- 29 2018!

The new flyer for the event has been attached!

A quick recap of our charity tournament:

Houston: Squashing for a Purpose

This truly is a great opportunity to support the global community and showcase your squash skills at the same time!

Remember to email bathijar@awty.org or rpb.bpr@gmail.com to sign up for this fun-filled and competitive event as soon as possible. Remember to include your name and desired shirt size.

We hope to see you “squashing” the competition at Houston: Squashing for a Purpose


Warm Regards,

Rohil Pal Bathija (bathijar@awty.org, rpb.bpr@gmail.com, 832-282-4866)

Daksha Pathak (dakshapathak2011@gmail.com, 832-876-0491)