US Squash junior regional squad report

On Friday, June 5th, five top Texas juniors travelled to Atlanta to take part in a US Squash regional squad. This was the first regional squad for Texas and Atlanta and aimed to bring together the top players from the region to train along side each other. The theme for the squad was ‘fading length’. Fading length refers to shots that are hit to the back of the court that fade into the corners, making it very difficult for the opponent to return.

The weekend was a success with all of the players engaging with the theme and taking on board key coaching points. The schedule also created time for matchplay which allowed the players to put their training into a real competitive situations.
Well done to Marco, Yana, Rishab, Rohil and Lebeeb for participating in the squad and representing Texas. Lastly, thank you to all the families for arranging travel and accommodation for the trip!