2017 Texas Open to be held in Dallas, Feb 28 – Mar 5

I am pleased to inform you that preparations for the 2017 Texas Open are underway. It will be held at the T Boone Pickens (Downtown YMCA) from Feb 28 – Mar 5.

The Texas Open is the 2nd oldest running women’s pro squash tournament in the US. It is hosted alternately between Dallas and Houston and it’s the turn of  Dallas next year. We have seen the best women’s pro players play in this tournament in Dallas with a string of past world #1s included. It is always a fun week of amazing squash and fellowship between squash players in the DFW community.

As you can imagine, a tournament of this level takes more than a “few pennies” to make happen. At this time, numerous past contributors led by Roy Cisneros have already stepped forward and have pledged their support. Thank You!!!

We’re still ~$15K short and I need your help! Please let me know asap (by 12/18) if you can help with any one of the below listed patron levels. We are a small community and its only with your help that we will be able to make this happen again.

We’re looking for help at the following patron levels:
· $2000, $1000, $500 or $250
· Donation of airline points for 2 tickets to fly the referees
· $5000 sponsor to help cover portion of the player accommodation
· $2500 advertisement in tournament brochure

Thanks for you continued support of squash in Dallas!

Warm Regards,
Sanjeeb Samanta
President, Dallas Squash