LTF City Center Junior Open Results and Photos

Message from Jahanzeb

Lifetime City Centre won 7 trophies, Met Club got 4 and Mission Squash went home with 3 trophies!!!

I am so proud of my all City Centre Kids and I’ll make them ready for the Next April 14-16 Houston Junior Open Silver event.

Thanks a million Deborah Donnie Shriver for your help throughout the weekend!!

Boys U-11:
Winner: Zain Waheed (City Centre)
Runner Up: Zohaib Khan (City Centre)

JK's Pics IV








Boys U-13:
Winner: Tyler Hernandez (Mission Squash)
Runner Up: Arsalan Saeed (City Centre)

JK Pictures I







Boys U-15:
Winner: Marco DiFilippo (City Centre)
Runner Up: Alex Mehnert (Met Club)

JK's Pics V








Boys U-17:
Winner: Shaan Sidhu (City Centre)
Runner Up: Kevin Stefftgen (City Centre)

JK's Pics II

JK's Pics III






Girls U-11:
Winner: Charlotte Mehnert (Met Club)
Runner Up: Zaina Zaidi (Met Club)

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JK's Pics IX








Girls U-13:
Winner: Kriti Muthu (Met Club)
Runner Up: Miranda Medina (Mission Squash)









Girls U-15:
Winner: Nicole Smith (Mission Squash)
Runner Up: Anika Sarna (City Centre)